Kienzle Disc Pendulum 400 Day Clock

Here’s a great old 400 day clock that I recently repaired. It was made by Kienzle in Germany around 1905. It has a “disc” pendulum, consisting of a round brass-covered iron disc, with 2 weights on top that you screw in or out to regulate the timekeeping.

The dial is enamel with spade hands.

IMG_8298 IMG_8302 IMG_8305See more photos.

Repair job 6339. The movement needed major repair work. The escape wheel had 3 badly bent teeth, and I was able to obtain a replacement from the Horolovar Company. The mainspring barrel had a bulge and the hook was loose. I carefully flattened the bulge and riveted the hook tighter. I moved the entrance pallet out and adjusted the escapement depth. The suspension spring was nice and flat, but the clock ran slightly fast. I thinned the spring, and adjusted the fork height for proper escapement action.

I polished and lacquered the base, pillars and arch (the decorative part above the dial).

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  1. Hi my name is John I need some help not sure what spring size is for this clock. Keinzil 400 day . Please thanks

  2. hello i have a 400 day clock have Urania on dial and Keinzle clock co on back with a number of 6421 look in books trying to find out what year and what kind of case it was in would you know any were i can find out

  3. I have always had a love for clocks ~
    Lately, I have been fascinated with the old vintage anniversary clocks ~ Do you have these type of clocks for sale and if so, can I view them on the internet along with prices? I am not far from you as I live about 30 miles north of Ft. Wayne ~

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