Seth Thomas “Utica” Walnut Shelf Clock

Here is a beautiful Seth Thomas walnut-cased shelf clock I repaired. My customer shipped the clock from Alaska to my shop in Indiana for repair without the door and dial, to reduce the chance of damage.

This clock is 22 3/16 inches tall and 12 5/8 inches wide.

IMG_7963IMG_7980 IMG_7988

This clock was made around 1886. The 8-day lyre movement strikes the hour. This movement has the older time gear train with 4 gears, and a newer design of strike train with 5 gears. It has a strip deadbeat escapement.

See more photos.

The video below shows the clock striking, and gives a closeup view of the escapement.

Repair job 6338. I polished the pivots, installed 12 bushings, installed new click rivets (to make the winding mechanism reliable), installed new pins in the escape wheel pinion, and straightened the bent arbor on strike gear #2.

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