Seth Thomas Miniature Octagon Top Clock Ca. 1865

This cute little Seth Thomas octagon top shelf clock is only 9 1/4 inches tall and 7 inches wide. The case has mahogany veneer, and the small movement is one-day time only. There is a mirror in the door.

IMG_8323 IMG_8335 IMG_8355

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Repair job 6325. I polished the pivots, installed 6 bushings and replaced the click rivet. The mainwheel teeth have bad wear (about 60% worn away). I installed a new, thin mainspring to reduce future wear. The new mainspring is 5/16 inches wide, 0.0125 inch thick, and 45.3 inches long, part no. PM CS-510 from the P.M. Company. The original mainspring is 0.0187 inch thick. The thin new spring provides plenty of power, and will run the clock for about 48 hours on one winding (the clock is meant to be wound daily).

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