Kern Standard 400 Day Clock with Zodiac Dial

Here is an interesting Kern 400 day clock with the signs of the Zodiac around the center of the dial. I overhauled the movement, replaced the suspension spring, and polished and lacquered the base and pillars. I don’t receive as many Kern 400 day clocks for repair as Schatz and Kundo clocks. I’m guessing this clock was made in the mid-1950s.

IMG_0936 IMG_0934 IMG_0931See more photos.

Repair job 6485. Horolovar back plate no. 1405A. I polished the pivots, installed a new suspension spring (unit 11A with 0.0036 inch thick Horolovar suspension spring). I installed a new 18 x 38 mainspring.

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  1. Hello Bill,
    I have a clock with vey similar designs as this one. The clock face and the pendulums are a sea foam green and the accents are gold. I can’t find much information on it. I was wondering if you’ve heard of off colorings of this clock?
    Thank you for your time,

  2. Hi Bill
    I also have a Kern day clock with the Zodiac around the dial, although, my clock differs from the one in you photos. My clock has the name “Kern” on the dial as well as the words “West Germany” at the bottom of the dial. I purchased this clock 40 years ago new still in the box.
    I was wondering if you could enlighten me on why there is a difference in the dials?
    The identifying marks on the back of the clock are “K.u.S.-SIV”.
    Thanks in advance

  3. I will have to guess that it was made in the mid-1950s. To narrow it down further, we’ll need to find some old catalogs showing the clock.

  4. Bill

    I just posted a revue on this clock. My husband wants to know if we can find a date when it was made? Can you help?

  5. Hello Bill,

    My husband purchased this clock for his parents for their 25 anniversary in April 1966. We had no information on it. We now have the clock and after 53 years it is still going strrong

  6. HI, I am looking for information on what size spring I need for my mothers 400 day clock she bought in Germany about 1956. It is a Kern & Sohne (D) but I cannot find any reference to both names/maker’s on the same clock. It is about 8″ tall, I have cleaned it with clock solution then oiled it, but the spring had a bend in it prior to me working on it. The spring thickness that is on it measures 0.002 but what I am reading elsewhere is that it should be 0.0023 – 0.0032 as you wrote above. do you have any information about this clock and the spring thickness, also do you sell them? Thanks Russ

  7. Hello Bill,
    I bought a Kern clock with the Zodiac Dial like the one described in your post. When I received the clock I discovered that the suspension spring is torn above the bottom block and twisted like the one you described in another post! Unfortunately I do not have the Horolovar book to determine the type of suspension spring and mainspring I need. Please confirm that the types you mentioned in your post are ok for this clock.
    Many thanks,

  8. There is a steel square on the back that the key fits on. Wind the key counterclockwise (as you face the back of the clock). To start the clock, you level it so that the pendulum is in the center of the cup in the base. Then turn the pendulum 1/2 turn and release it to start the clock.

  9. Hello Bill,
    I enjoyed your website and blog. I have a Kern clock just like the one in your photos with the Zodiac around the face. We have had it in my family since I was a child. Its very pretty.

    I’m unsure if it still runs. Is there a key for these usually that is required to start it?

    thank you,

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