Seth Thomas Adamantine Mantel Clock, 1895, Beautiful Tan with Deep Red and Orange Swirls

Here’s a most beautiful Seth Thomas Adamantine mantel clock I repaired. My customer polished the case, and I repaired the movement, gently cleaned and lacquered the case ornaments, and cleaned the dial.

The case background color is tan, with deep red lines and swirls, and some orange swirls too. The dial is embossed brass. The date code on the bottom of the case is 5981 C (March 1895).

The clock strikes the hour and half-hour on a heavy coil gong (often called Cathedral gong). The movement is the 8-day “hip” movement (called that because of its shape). It has an American type “strip” recoil escapement in the back.

The case is 17 inches wide and 11 1/2 inches tall.

IMG_9294 IMG_9289 IMG_9288See more pictures.

Repair job 6437. I made new rivets for the clicks, secured the regulator pinion to its arbor, polished the pivots, and installed 14 bushings. The mainsprings are original, and are as follows:

Time Mainspring: 11/16 inch wide by 0.0195 inch thick

Strike Mainspring: 11/16 inch wide by 0.0187 inch thick

These mainsprings seem thick, but had not caused much wear to the mainwheel teeth. If the springs needed replacing, thinner new ones should be used.

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  1. Really glad I found your photo of this particular clock because I have just recently acquired my great grandparents clock that is EXACT to this one. The date on mine is 1893K (November). I took it to a Clock Shop and the gentleman did not think the gold face on the clock was original. I did not want to wind the clock until I had it looked at. I was told that the clock is wound and obviously not working. I knew that my Dad had the Bezel replaced in 1989, but is the wrong one. I will refer The clock shop to this page. The clock shop is so busy that I have a 30 month wait.

  2. What a great site.I’ve only recently begun buying old clocks,and attempting to repair and clean/polish etc,really like these lovely old slate/marble clocks.I’m trying to fix one of these(French slate/marble 19905)unfortunately I,m stuck,at the hands.The wrong ones were fitted,i now have 2 new ones(correct),but don’t know which order to replace them on the dial ie: hour hand, second hand on top,the round cap,and then,the holding pin through the small hole,or,is there some sort of washer that should go between the hour hand and the second hand.I really would appreciate any advice you may offer to a mere novice in this regard.Btw,your clocks are stunning.I also have an early(1900’s) Seth Thomas 4 glass pendulum mantel clock but,I,m having trouble finding an enamel dial(,3 5/8th inches),and the hands,would so much appreciate your help,I live in Oxford UK,but can of course purchase from USA. Congratulations on your superb workmanship,continued success..George.

  3. we purchased a Seth Thomas clock at an auction this week and is has the adamantine finish…roman numerals…was wondering if you might know something about it if I sent you a photo…curious as to how old it is and perhaps the value of it…

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