Westclox “Dunbar” Electric Wall Clock, Made in April 1941

Here’s a Westclox “Dunbar” electric wall clock I repaired. The dial is paper on a metal plate, covered by a glass lens, and the case is white plastic with a metal back. This clock uses the Westclox designed M2 self-starting synchronous motor. The red dot on the dial is the power outage indicator. The indicator starts out red. Then, plug in the clock and set the hands. Push up on the post in front of the hand set knob to turn the indicator white. Then, if there is a power outage (or a glitch long enough for the motor to slow down), the indicator will turn red, telling you that the time on the clock may be incorrect and needs to be checked.

The date code on the movement is 4 41 (April 1941),


Back of motor showing the device that operates the power outage indicator.
Back of motor showing the device that operates the power outage indicator.

Repair job 6502. I disassembled the movement and cleaned it,  polished the pivots, installed 5 bushings and a new cord. See more photos (there are 79 photos showing the parts of the clock).

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  1. Dear Bill
    I feel so lucky to have found your site. I have learned alot from your information.
    I have a S8E Spice electric wall clock with a choo choo train on a third hand. of course its very dear to me my grandmother ave this clock to me 1955.
    The motor parts are no longer working looks like something got hot inside plus it has years of dirt and dust. Any ideas on getting this clock repaired?
    [email protected]

  2. I have my father’s wall clock would like to know how old it is. model 2h101. electric can you help me.Telelcron.made Ashland mass. volt115 gyg 60 w2.

  3. Hi Bill,
    Great site you have, very informative! I have a Westclox Accord Drowse Dialite clock, model number 222 26. I can’t find any info on it. Would you know how old it is? Thank you!

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