Seth Thomas “Round Band” Shelf Clock Made in 1884

Here is a nice, original example of a Seth Thomas “Round Band” shelf clock. Seth Thomas made this model for many years, and the 1863 catalog shows it. The date code 4881 C (March 1884) is on the back of the case. The mahogany veneer case is 16 5/16 inches tall and 10 9/16 inches wide. The minute hand is 2 3/4 inches long. The painted dial is original with small paint loss, and the reverse painted lower tablet with picture of a bird is excellent. The pendulum suspension rod is not original, but I believe everything else is. One of my local customers was lucky to find this clock at a consignment shop. I love seeing clocks in this condition, that have not been messed with, and it is always satisfying to have a date code.

I put the escapement “in beat” to make the clock tick evenly, and now it runs well. Maybe my customer will have me overhaul it someday, but he can enjoy it for now.

Seth Thomas "Round Band" with original bird picture on lower glass.
Seth Thomas “Round Band” with original bird picture on lower glass.
One day time and strike movement
One day time and strike movement


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Repair job 6828. The movement has a strip semi-deadbeat escapement.

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  1. I have been trying to find out information on a clock that I got from my grandparents. It is much like the round band shelf clock that you have pictured but mine has a white and brown bird building a nest in a tree. The paper in the back has fallen off and I cannot get any identifying information. I do know that it is a seth thomas clock and looks almost identical to the one you have puctured. Can you help me out identifying it?

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