Ansonia “Tasso” Figure Clock, ca. 1894

Here is an Ansonia figure clock called the “Tasso” that I repaired. It is a large, heavy clock,  20 1/2 inches tall and 25 3/4 inches wide.  The finish is “Japanese Bronze” according to the Ansonia catalog, it was also available in silver. The enamel dial has Roman numerals and visible escapement. The escapement is the pin-pallet or “Brocot” type with steel half round pins.

The 1894 – 1895 Ansonia catalog shows this clock on page 91. The list prices are $45.00 for the Japanese Bronze and $49.50 for the Silver.

The movement has the unusual feature (for American clocks) of having the mainspring enclosed in barrels (going barrels) so that the clock keeps running as it is wound up.

The movement has patent dates of  June 14, 1881 and June 13, 1882.

See more pictures.

Repair job 6812. I polished the pivots, repaired 2 pinions, and installed 14 bushings. The hands are thin stamped brass. The minute hand has three cracks, I reinforced it with epoxy.

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