German Quarter Hour Striking Clock, Mahogany Case

Here’s a neat old German wall clock I repaired recently. It is a bit over four feet tall overall. The two-piece enamel dial has Arabic numerals. The movement has the logo R M S, a flower drawing, and the number 27. The case is unusual in having a wooden panel in the door instead of just glass. An opening in the panel shows the pendulum bob.

This clock strikes on two coil gongs. It does bim-bam strike on each quarter-hour (1, 2 and 3 times) and strikes the hour on the deeper gong.

There is a cloth-covered opening in each side of the case to let the sound out. I recovered these with metallic copper color cloth.

I estimate that this clock was made around 1880 – 1920.

See more pictures.

Repair job 6842-2. A previous repairer had badly reshaped the impulse faces of the pallets. I hand-ground them to the correct angle and then adjusted the lock and drop. The fan-fly was bent by a previous repairer! The time mainspring was 0.0115 inch thick (this is very thin), and was too weak to run the clock. This spring was probably not original, and I replaced it with a mainspring .014 inch thick. I replaced the suspension spring, polished the pivots, and installed 6 bushings. I cleaned the case with wood feeder, and replaced the missing wall stabilizer screws.

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