Plymouth by Seth Thomas Round Top Mantel Clock, 1940

Here is a cute little round-top mantel clock made by Seth Thomas and sold under the Plymouth name. Plymouth was a lower-priced clock line made by Seth Thomas. They have Seth Thomas movements. See a ca. 1940 Plymouth Clocks catalog.

This clock is 9 11/16 inches tall and 8 7/8 inches wide. It has a mahogany case with a lighter color veneer panel below the dial and a printed metal dial. The No. 4501 movement is the successor to the popular No. 89 movement. The movement has the date code 2-40 (February 1940).

See more photos.

Repair job 7145. This movement had very strong mainsprings when new, as I have described before. This clock’s original mainsprings were 11/16 inches wide and 0.0182 inches thick, and are stronger than the clock needs. I replaced them with 0.0165 inch thick mainsprings. I installed 21 bushings, polished the pivots, trued the regulator arbor, and smoothed the hand shaft threads.

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  1. Could you tell me the weight of the bob. I have this clock but it is missing its pendulum.

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