Gilbert “Perfect” Oak Shelf Clock

Here’s a Gilbert (Wm. L. Gilbert Clock Co., Winstead, Conn., U.S.A.) that I repaired. The paper face, hands, door glass, etc. are original. You can recognize original Gilbert Maltese hands because they have a wide area where the hand joins the base. It has a nice label on the back.

This clock is 22 15/16 inches tall and 14 7/8 inches wide. The dial minute track is 5 inches outside diameter.

A threaded iron flange outside the back holds the cathedral gong inside the case. The gong has patent dates October 11, 1881 and April 18, 1882.”

Repair job 7145. I straightened the bent strike second arbor, re-pinned one pinion, polished the pivots and installed 15 bushings. The original clicksprings were brass, and the strike clickspring broke in the past and had a poor brass replacement. I replaced it and the time clickspring with steel spring wire for reliability.

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