Hamburg-American German Time and Strike Wall Clock

I recently repaired this wall clock. The case is about 42 inches tall. The rear of the movement has the crossed arrows symbol of the Hamburg-American Clock Company, Germany. The dial is metal and porcelain.

The movement needed most of the pivots polished, 14 bushings installed, and the entrance pallet smoothed and polished.

The strike train is unusual in having 6 gears.

This movement does not have the best escapement design. The escape arc is quite large, with a small amount of supplementary arc or overswing. Thus, this clock must be carefully leveled (by ear) when setting it up.

Repair job 4853.

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  1. I was thrilled to see this photograph of the Hamburg-American clock, as we have inherited a similar clock with the coloured decoration down each side, (although the top and bottom are different). I have never seen another wall clock with this type of decoration – do you know it’s age and any other details which you could share with me?

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