Early Seth Thomas Brass Movement OG Clock

This 30 hour OG is the most recent addition to my collection (I don’t buy very many clocks these days, but I couldn’t resist this one). This clock was made about 1845, the fourth year that Seth Thomas made brass movement OG clocks. It has the early features described on my ClockHistory.com web site, and the unusual feature of a brass nameplate on the dial.

Here is a slideshow of photos:

  • Ogee case, non-original lower glass, made in Plymouth Hollow, glasses held with wood strips. Height 26″, width 15 11/16″, depth 4 5/16″;
  • Dial: metal, two rings drawn around time track, dots for minute marks;
  • Early features of dial: tapered numerals 3, 4 and 8, small winding holes (8.2 mm);
  • Unusual feature of dial: brass nameplate with S. THOMAS PLYMOUTH CONN U S A;
  • Label: printed by Elihu Geer, Hartford, Connecticut, no address given. This dates it to 1842 – 1845;
  • Movement: type 1.241, early.

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  1. Wow! That’s my new old clock. I just inherited a clock like that. It’s been in the family for years and years. I didn’t know anything about it except my aunt, who left it to me in her will always used to tell me it was really old. My glass isn’t original either. I someone in the family, I don’t know when, put in a clear piece of glass and put on a decal that looks like etched glass. It’s sweet. Your glass looks really beautiful. I’d never sell it but I’m trying to figure out if I should insure it. Did you insure yours?

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