2017 In Review

Clockhistory.com: Westclox clocks are my passion; I added some clock details in 2017, and hope to add the other major Big Ben and Baby Ben variations in 2018. I visited the Westclox Museum in October, it was wonderful to see friends Gary and Cheryl Biolchini, and museum volunteers Don and Ruth Spayer, who have created wonderful displays and provided Westclox information to many visitors. I added a user authorization and role system, so others can add clocks to the database. I am adding “Virtual Museum” display pages, and am considering adding a “For Sale” page to sell surplus clocks from my collection.

Bill’s Clockworks: I repaired many 400 day (anniversary) clocks this year,  antique American clocks, Schatz cuckoo clocks; replaced many movements in modern cuckoo clocks; and replaced quartz movements for my local customers. Unfortunately, the Hermle chiming quartz movement 2114, 2115, 2214 and 2215 are no longer available, but the “Quad” quartz chime movement is an excellent replacement in many instances.

Early this year, customers brought in a Seth Thomas Regulator No. 2 for repair. The original movement was missing, and there is a note inside “electrified in 1955”. I searched the online auctions for months, and found the exact original type of movement and weight. I installed a new pendulum and hands, as I couldn’t find originals. The original dial is in very good condition.

See more pictures of the Seth Thomas No. 2 Regulator.

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