Seth Thomas Tambour Clock with Quarter Hour Strike, 1939

I repaired this Seth Thomas tambour mantel clock. It has the later type of windup movement (that replaced the popular No 89). The case is 8 1/16 inches tall and 18 inches wide. The dial is silvered brass with printed numerals.

The movement is model 4605, dated 7-39 (July 1939). It does bim-bam strike on the quarter hours, and single-gong strike on the hour. The escapement is deadbeat with diamond-shaped pin pallets (like in the later No. 124 movements). It has rack and snail striking so that the striking will not get out of sync.

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Repair job 7157. The customer sent me this movement and a similar parts movement that had regular hour and half hour striking. He had swapped some parts, so my first task was selecting the correct parts for quarter-hour striking. I polished the pivots, installed 21 bushings, installed thinner mainsprings (11/16 by .0165 by 90 inches, to replace the original 11/16 by .0178 inch thick springs, which cause excessive wear).

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