Seth Thomas Adamantine Mantel Clock with Ding Dong Strike

Here’s a Seth Thomas green and black Adamantine mantel clock I repaired. It strikes on two bells instead of a gong, and Seth Thomas called it “Ding Dong” strike. The clock has a No. 89T 8-day movement. The case is 11 1/4 inches tall, 18 1/8 inches wide. The minute hand is 2 1/8 inches long.

See more photos.

Job 6998-3. I polished the pivots and installed 20 bushings. The time mainspring was an old replacement that was causing excess wear on the mainwheel teeth. It was a brand  of mainspring commonly available in the 1970 labeled “Usibel France.” It was .0182 inches thick. The strike mainspring was on the thick side (.0178 inches). I replaced both mainsprings with 3/4 by .0165 by 120 inch mainsprings. I replaced the tension springs on the count lever and strike hammers and tightened the crutch wire.

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