Seth Thomas Beehive Mantel Chime Clock with No. 124 Movement

I repaired this Seth Thomas “beehive” mantel clock from the 1930s. It is 11 3/16 inches tall, 7 1/4 inches wide, with a 4.5 inch dial (outside diameter of minute track) and a 2 5/16 inch long minute hand. The dial is silvered engraved brass with applied numerals.

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The No. 124 movement plays the Westminster chime every quarter-hour, and strikes the hour after the hour chime. Seth Thomas made the No. 124 movement from ca. 1924 to 1956. Repairing the No. 124 takes a lot of time because there are lots of gears ( and thus many pivots to polish and burnish), but they are great running clocks when properly repaired.

Repair job 7426. I straightened 3 bent pivots, polished and burnished the pivots, and installed 32 bushings.

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  1. the seththomas beehive you restored for me is doing fine, so is the plymouth mantel clock. I have a gustav becker wall clock I will be shipping to you after the 1st of January. Just the movement on the board, with the pendulum.

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