Ansonia “Versailles” Metal Mantel Clock

Here’s a beautiful metal case mantel clock I repaired. Ansonia Clock Company made it, and the model name is Versailles. It is 15 inches tall, and the enamel dial has a 2 7/8 inch minute track (outside diameter). The minute hand is not original. The 1906 – 1907 Ansonia Clock Company shows this clock.

The clock strikes the hour and half-hour, and has a nice little round movement, 3 3/16 inch diameter with rack and snail striking. The mainsprings are not in barrels.

When the clock came into my shop, the clock’s back was an aluminum back from an electric clock. I searched for a better back, and found an old one from a French clock that fits perfectly!

See more pictures.

Repair job 6739. I straightened bent ratchet wheel teeth, installed new click rivets, shortened the replacement warning pin to the correct length, straightened one bent pivot and installed 14 bushings.



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