1. Bill , I have a Seth Thomas Sonora chime bee hive style almost 15 inches tall. And on the face just under the 12 it says NECH and some more letters I can’t make out and under that it says Baltimore Maryland and under that it says Sonora Chime. And at the very bottom under the 6 it says Seth Thomas made in the USA . The Sonora chime mechanism is stamped 90 B and the time mechanism just says Seth Thomas USA. The strange thing is it has 5 bells but only uses 4 hammers. The 4 hammers play out the melody, and then all 4 hammers strike out the hour at the same time . So why would their be a fifth bell and it is larger then the rest . It’s the farthest away up in the front. Did Seth Thomas make these clocks for other stores to sell under their name ? And maby that’s why it has this configuration of bells. I see no other hammer that would strike the fifth bell . Thanks for your help in me trying to solve this puzzle . Bill Steele

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