Birge & Fuller 8 Day Half Column Clock with 30 Hour Movement

Here’s a Birge & Fuller half-column clock with a beautiful hand painted lower glass. Birge & Fuller was in business from November 24, 1843 – February 5, 1848. This clock originally had an 8-day weight driven movement. My customer’s grandfather had the clock electrified years ago, later, my customer’s dad (angry that it had been converted to electric), had it converted back to windup, and a one-day movement was installed. Since the one-day movement has been in the clock for many years, my customer wanted it to stay in the clock. The dial with the clock had a nearly white background and no corner decorations, and didn’t look right, I found an old one-day clock dial that fit, and my customer liked it, so I installed it (see picture below).

See more pictures.

The clock is 32 1/8 inches tall, 21 5/8 inches wide at the top, 18 1/2 inches wide at the bottom, and 6 3/8 inches deep at the top.

Repair job 6957. I polished the pivots, installed 7 bushings, replaced the verge and escape wheel, and re-pinned T2 and T3.

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