Seth Thomas Medbury Tambour Mantel Clock, 1952 – 1953

I repaired this Seth Thomas “Medbury” chiming mantel clock in a mahogany tambour case. The case is 19 7/8 inches wide, 9 1/4 inches tall, and the minute hand is 3 1/8 inches long.

See more photos.

The movement is the No. 124 Westminster chime movement with date code 5201 (January 1952). The instruction label on the back door has the date code 5303 (March 1953).

Repair job 7463. I polished the pivots, installed 27 bushings (yes, this movement has lots of gears!), and replaced the time mainspring.

The pendulum bob weighs 3 ounces, is 1 5/8 inches diameter, and has a hole in the center.

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  1. You done a nice job Bill , I was looking at one just like it on Craig’s list for $60.00 dollars and it ran , but Iam no clock expert and from a local clock shop in my area they said it could cost as much as $400.00 to repair in back into new condition . So I stayed away from that one . Thanks

  2. You love your clocks Bill, quite unique to witness such wonderful skill.I am a professor of music, loving and working in Oxford England.UK. I’ve been a member of a few quite famous groups/ bands,well travelled. My birthday yesterday, decided to semi- retire. I’m now teaching jazz/classical practical/ theory,still playing with my jazz quartet,having fun. I teach handicapped and disadvantaged children, also run a charity to collect musical instruments for the kids to work with. This is the best job I ever had. Now retired, I’m an avid clock person, I have about 20 clocks, mainly 400 day Becker etc. I have one Seth Thomas in a 4 glass case, cannot find the enamel dial or hands,I think about, 3+ 5/8ths. Please help. Also, I love this most recent clock, ( Seth Thomas), is it at all possible, you would sell me on of your clocks, simply because,I know it will be pristine,rebuilt by yourself, probably the finest horological I watch, on all videos,utube etc. Would take pride of place in my home. RSVP. George.

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