Hansen Wall Clock, Made in Princeton, Indiana

I recently repaired this clock. It needed a new ratchet wheel and a new second wheel. The mainspring was stronger than necessary (3/4 inch wide by .018 inch thick) so I replaced it with a new spring 0.0165 inches thick and 108 inches long.

This clock has a Graham deadbeat escapement, with the adjustable pallets mounted between the two brass pieces that form the body.

The oak case is 52 inches tall, 20 1/2 inches wide at the top, 16 15/16 inches wide at the door, 10 inches deep at the top and 8 1/4 inches deep at the door. The dial is made of aluminum, and is 13 inches square, with a 10 7/8 inch time track.

The clock originally had a mechanism in the base for controlling bell ringing, see this web site for more information and pictures.

Here is a slide show of photos:

Here is a video of the clock:

Repair job 4861

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  1. Can you please respond….fell into a hansen clock identical to yours and complete. I can’t find much info on it and was curious about comparing prices but not able to find any that has sold…mine is 14 wide and 47 tall…beautiful clock…found in junk store! Can you believe it!

  2. We are a authorized Westclox dealer. We were looking at you site and it is very impressive because you show live video of the clock that you fixed. We were impressed by the fact that you also have all kind of clocks on your site. We also gained insight into what the clock sounds like without the pendulum making noise. We have watched the video by LLBean and yours is much nicer.

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