Schatz Square Dial 400 Day Clock Made in 1953

I recently repaired this clock and polished and lacquered the base and pillars. Square dial clocks are not nearly as common as those with round enamel dial, and slightly less common than the silver diamond dial. I cleaned the movement, polished and burnished several of the pivots, and replaced the suspension spring. This clock runs extremely well.

The movement is dated 2 53 (February 1953) and is Horolovar back plate number 1281.

Here is a video of the clock running:

Here is a slide show:

Repair job 4903

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  1. I have a 400 day clock with square dial I bought in Aden in 1955. The casing and face is in White enamel paint with flowers on all surfaces. Can you tell me who the maker was please. It has travelled round the world with me. I was a British diplomat.

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