Kundo Copper Finish 400 Day Clock

I just repaired this Kundo 400 day clock with COPPER finish! This is only the second copper finish 400 day clock I’ve seen in over 28 years of full-time clock repairing.

The following parts are copper plated:

  • Base;
  • Pillars;
  • Dial;
  • Arch (decorative part above the dial);
  • Pendulum balls and center piece.
  • Copper finish clock (left) compared to regular brass clock (right)
  • The movement

If you have one of these copper clocks, DO NOT POLISH IT! The copper is a thin layer of metal over brass, and will come off.

Repair job 7741. Backplate number 1371. Suspension unit 1 with 0.0032 inch suspension spring.

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