Schatz Miniature 400 Day Clock with Handle (and Hole in the Dome)

I just repaired this Schatz miniature 400 day clock. It has a handle on top, and the glass dome has a hole in top that fits over the handle, and presses down on the brass washer to keep out dust (I don’t have the dome here to photograph, as the customer kept it to avoid breakage).

Repair job 7741. I polished the pivots, and installed a new 0.0024 inch thick suspension spring.

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  1. I have this exact model. Belonged to my grandparents. I am going to repair it myself. It only needs a suspension spring and a dome. I can get the spring, but I have not found a dome with the exact dimensions. Can you tell me where you got yours. Thanks in advance.

  2. Are those pendulum balls enameled, or what?

    It looks like this clock has one of those weird good-luck-getting -it-right pendulum parking schemes. It would need something better if you were planning to tote it around by that unlikely handle.

    But it’s a lovely clock, and I wonder if it came in with such a bright polish. Most of the ones I get are kind of brown, so they get heavily disassembled and take a trip through the lacquer thinner prior to polishing.

    I can’t decide whether or not I like the looks of that copper 400-day clock. It kind of looks like something Revere Ware made for the Palace of the Romanovs.

    It would really have to be polished if it came in badly tarnished. Did you have to brighten it somehow?

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