Ingraham Black Mantel Clock Made October 1906

Here’s an Ingraham black mantel clock that I repaired. The movement has the date code 10 06 (October 1906) and the painted wood case is 10 7/8 inches tall and 15 7/8 inches wide including the feet. The dial’s minute track is 4 7/16 inches outside diameter.

Per customer request I left the original paper face alone, even though three of the numerals had been rubbed off, and put back in with magic marker. The clock is in good, all original condition. I dusted the case. I don’t do any cosmetic changes besides light cleaning to a clock  case unless the customer requests it. Year ago some repair shops would routinely replace paper faces, but I believe that is inappropriate unless the dial is really bad and the customer wants a new one.

See more pictures.

Job 7751. Someone did a funny thing to the clock years ago – they removed the strike mainwheel bushings (see photos above)! I made new bushings as part of the overhaul process. Besides the strike mainwheel bushings, I installed 16 other bushings after polishing the pivots and installing a new strike clickspring. I adjusted the escapement depth and installed a new suspension rod.

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