Westclox Clock and Watch Catalogs

I began collecting Westclox Baby Ben alarm clocks when I was 13 years old (1969). After college, I got into Westclox collecting and research in a big way.

Read about my Westclox collecting Story.

My research includes finding and studying Westclox catalogs. Besides being attractive and interesting, catalogs are a primary source for data on when various clocks and watches were made.

I wrote to Westclox, and they sent me their 1969 – 1970 catalog. After discovering eBay in 1999, I found more catalogs (and am still searching). Fellow researchers and museums have also loaned catalogs and scans.

Here are some Westclox catalog covers:

  • 1902 Westclox Catalog
  • 1935 Westclox Catalog
  • 1955 Westclox Catalog
  • 1959 – 60 Westclox Catalog
  • 1969 – 70 Westclox Catalob
  • 1964 – 65 Westclox Catalog

Friend and researcher Greg Adams asked me to list my catalogs, so below are links to them in my ClockHistory database. Most are from the United States, some are from Canada, and one is from Scotland. Thanks to Gary Biolchini for the latest addition, the 1903 catalog.

Note: When I say “Westclox”, that includes predecessor companies Western Clock Mfg. Co. and Western Clock Company.

Westclox USA Catalogs in the ClockHistory Database

Westclox Canada Catalogs in the ClockHistory Database (many are courtesy of the Canadian Clock Museum)

Westclox Scotland Catalogs in the ClockHistory Database

Other Westclox Documents in the ClockHistory Database

Besides the catalogs listed above, there are catalogs from retailers and other types of documents like advertisements, price lists and parts catalogs. They can be seen at the following page:

Westclox Documents

For searching, you can enter one of these Document Types: Catalog, Ad, Magazine, Price List, Parts Catalog, Brochure, Booklet, Company Paper, Repair, Photo, Research or Instructions in the “Document Type” search field.

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