Seth Thomas Chime Clock No. 96 Round Top Mantel Clock with No. 124 Movement

This Seth Thomas round top mantel clock is illustrated in the 1926 Seth Thomas mantel clock catalog. Its “broken arch old English cabinet with inlaid marquetry” is 10 5/8 inches tall and 8 1/4 inches wide. The minute hand is 2 5/16″ from center to tip. It has raised bronze numerals on a silvered dial. The movement is the No. 124 with Westminster chime.

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Repair job 7919. Besides disassembly and cleaning, I tightened the clicks, polished the pivots and installed 23 bushings. A previous repairer had soldered the fan fly (strike speed governor) to its shaft. It should be a friction fit so I removed the solder and polished its arbor. I tightened the hand set tension in the center wheel, to be sure the hands would move forward reliably.

This movement uses a double end key – the large end, size 4 is for winding, and the small end, size 4/0 is for regulating.

The No. 124 movement is very reliable, in my experience, and will run for many years before it stops. There are many pivots to polish or burnish, and the bushings need to be carefully installed, with the pivots extending past the bushing to prevent “tunneling” into the brass. A typical repair bill (at the time I am writing this) is around $1000 to $1200, with a two year warranty.

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