Seth Thomas Legacy 3E Electric Chime Clock 1962

This Seth Thomas Legacy 3E electric chime clock has a movement made by Hermle in Germany. (Seth Thomas quit making their own movements after a flood in 1955). Hermle continued with Seth Thomas’s design of using the motor to wind up mainsprings for the chime and striking. This clock is in a bracket style case 14 1/2 inches tall and 10 7/8 inches wide, with a 2 15/16 inch minute hand (center to tip).

The 1962 Seth Thomas catalog shows this clock (and the windup version Legacy-3W).

See more pictures.

Repair job 7622. I replaced gear T3 because it had been poorly repivoted. Bushing T3B was a screw-in bushing (an ugly thing and a poor repair job). I soldered it’s perimeter so it wouldn’t rotate, and installed a new bushing inside of it. I polished the pivots, and found a good replacement M4 motor. I disassembled and cleaned the motor, and lubricated the bearings with Molykote Light grease.

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