Seth Thomas No. 90 Chime Clock with “Bugle Chimes”

This “Seth Thomas No. 90 Chime” has the No. 124 8-day chiming movement, and specially tuned chime rods that play the “Bugle” chime instead of Westminster. Some people have commented that they don’t like these chimes, but this is the way Seth Thomas made this clock. It was made around the 1920s.

See YouTube video to hear the chimes.

The tambour case is 21 3/16″ wide and 9 1/4″ tall. The minute hand is 2 5/16″ long. The dial is silvered brass with applied brass numerals.

See more pictures.

Repair job 9007. These No. 124 movements usually need a lot of bushing and pivot work, but they run very well when properly repaired. I polished the pivots, installed 27 bushings, and aligned the lock cam and correction pin.

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  1. Hi Steve, this clock belongs to a customer, so I can’t sell it, sorry. Hope you are doing well!



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