Seth Thomas Chime Clock No. 100

This Seth Thomas chime clock has a walnut case with burl panels. It uses the No. 124 movement, and was made around 1928. The 1928 Seth Thomas catalog shows it. The movement has date codes of 4804 (April 1948) and 3 52 (March 1952) and I believe that those are dates that Seth Thomas repaired it.

Height 12 1/8 inches, width 9 7/8 inches, minute hand length (center to tip) 2 5/16 inches. The dial is engraved and silvered brass, with applied numerals.

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Repair job 8627. Someone had plier-marked the strike first wheel shaft, so I replaced it, keeping the original gear. I polished the pivots and installed 26 bushings! I straightened a bent tooth on the chime first gear. The hammer banking springs were pitted, and that caused the hammers to stick and not move freely. After polishing out the pits and shaping the springs properly, the clock chimes well.

I replaced the missing pendulum (the new one weighs 5.2 ounces). A Hermle #3 key fits the winding arbors, and I supplied a watch key #1 for regulating. This movement does 10584 beats per hour.

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  1. Thanks, Mark! These movements take a lot of time, as there are so many small pivots to polish and bush. And, the bushings must not be too long, or the clock won;t run well.

    Yes, the three mainsprings are in barrels that are fixed to the lower front plate. It is a nice design, as they contain a spring if it breaks.

  2. Beautiful job. That movement looks awfully familiar: I think I must have worked on one just recently, but I can’t seem to find my notes on it. I believe it has ST’s notorious inside-out spring ‘barrels.’

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