Schatz 400 Day Clock with Early Logo on Dial

I merely did minor adjustments to this Schatz standard 400 day clock: replaced the missing pendulum, put it in beat, and oiled the pallets. The clock was made around 1950.

This clock’s dial has an early form of the Schatz logo – written in black and oriented horizontally instead of red and angled slightly up to the right (see 4th picture below for the regular Schatz logo). The movement has no date code, this started in 1952.

See more pictures.

The pendulum should be the earlier style – see last picture above.

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  1. Chris imported big rolls of the special flat wire they use. They snip off the new suspension springs with scissors. Presumably John Gordon can order more. And they have a monumental shear and brake to make those battery holders.

  2. I sure hope they can stay in business – I depend on them for suspension springs!

  3. We still don’t know what will happen to Horolovar. John Gordon has done a fine job of running it, but Chris’ son is afraid that everyone, including John, wants to steal from him. I cannot imagine who would want either Horovolar or its contents: absolutely nobody wants to buy it, if for no other reason that John wants to stay here in Lancaster (OH) and nobody else can run it. I don’t think the estate has been settled, either. A few people have suggested that I get involved more than I already am, but while I like John I’m not enamored of anniversary clocks

  4. The customer didn’t want to put much into the clock, or I would have installed a correct pendulum. I still buy parts from Horolovar, they are still very helpful to me.

  5. Did you check with Horovolar for a correct pendulum? I used to visit them often, for they’re located about a mile from here.

    Then Chris Nimon died, suddenly and unexpectedly (perhaps from undiagnosed heart problems) and things have not been the same. Our friend John Gordon is left, but the ownership went to Chris’ kids, who have little interest in clocks.

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