Schatz Standard 400 Day Clock with Square Silver Dial

The polished base makes this clock look so good, that I can’t help showing it here! This Schatz standard-size 400 day clock has a square silvered dial, with a date of 10 53 (October 1953) stamped on the back of the movement.

Repair job 8674. I burnished the pivots, straightened the bent winding square, replaced the damaged ratchet gear and the missing lower block. I installed a new 0.004″ thick Horolovar suspension spring. I lubricated the first four pivots (and the mainspring) with Castrol Edge TWS European Formula full synthetic 10W-60 motor oil and the remaining pivots with Mobile 1 5W-40 Turbo Diesel Truck Advanced Full Synthetic Motor Oil. (I like using synthetic motor oil on clocks, it has proved very long-lasting on pivots.) I oiled the pallets with Synta-Visco-Lube. The movement is Hovolovar back plate no. 1281.

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