Seth Thomas Poise-1 Electric Alarm Clock, Dated 1977

I repaired this Seth Thomas Poise-1 (model SS7-Q) electric alarm clock because of its sentimental value to the owner. I was particularly interested in this clock because I have the earlier version (Poise E 861-000) that my parents received as a wedding gift in 1954. The case is the same, the older version has the alarm dial on the back, the newer version has an alarm set hand on the face. The older version has a power outage indicator in the dial, the newer version doesn’t.

The case is mahogany with brass trim, the while metal face has Roman numerals and fancy hands. The clock is 5 1/4 inches tall and 5 5/16 inches wide.

The clock has the General Time M4 motor, a self-starting synchronous motor with open rotor. A rotary alarm hammer with three discs hits the large internal bell.

The clock’s owner stamped the date DEC 15, 1977 on the bottom. The 1974 Seth Thomas catalog shows this clock on page 13.

See more pictures.

Repair job 6867. I replaced the motor and cord, and cleaned and lubricated the gears and motor.

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  1. You can unscrew the alarm pull knob (use needle nose pliers to hold the shaft if necessary) then the back will come off. Then (if I remember correctly) there are 4 screws inside holding the movement to the case.

  2. A relative was throwing away a clock that belonged to my grandmother I am aware of its ministry value but it was so important to my grandmother that it was one of the items she insured (on the back in her handwriting engraved an insurance number) I would like to remove the back of the clock to see if I can put the minute hand back on. The minute hand has come loose . I have removed the 4 small screws on the back but I am unsure whether just the plate on the back removes or the whole mechanism comes out connected to the plate. There is a pull alarm nobb that prevents the plate from being removed.

    Seth Thomas
    E 861-000

    I’m hoping you can advise me on how to open the clock

    Thank you

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