Kundo 400 Day Clock Advertising Brochure and Instructions, ca. 1952

Here’s a brochure showing four models of standard-size Kundo 400 day clocks, and three models of the miniature size. It also shows information about the company, and a list of service centers in the USA and Canada. Their newly introduced pendulum lock is mentioned: “The pendulum lock is a new feature of the KUNDO ANNIVERSARY CLOCK. The pendulum comes already attached to the suspension spring and the releasing of the lock-lever makes the clock run.”

With this brochure was a one-page instruction sheet with two drawings and one page of unpacking instructions (in German and English). Later, Kundo provided more complete instructions (there are examples on my business website of Kundo and Schatz instruction sheets).

The models illustrated are as follows:
Model 217 B: Miniature with flowers painted over white on the dial, base and pillars;
Model 203: Miniature with gold color dial;
Model 202: Miniature with regular enamel dial;
Model 8 D: Standard with square solver-color metal dial;
Model 2 EG: Standard with regular enamel dial;
Model 2 S: Standard with metal dial with silver interior and white numeral band;
Model 9 D: Diamond (square rotated with corners at top and bottom) silver-color dial.

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